About Us

Goldmine Productions specializes in production, campaign management, and consultation for Direct Response Marketing via Infomercials, Commercials, and the Web.

Goldmine Production works with start-ups introducing new products and services to the marketplace, as well as increasing sales revenue with established products. Goldmine Productions is involved with projects from the initial stages through post production and ongoing campaign management covering retail, international distribution, media, web, telemarketing, fulfillment, cross-sells, up-sells, and continuity programs.

Goldmine Productions pre and post production services include: project concept, scripting, casting, directing, and editing.

Goldmine Productions also revamps existing campaigns. We have vastly improved response rates on projects such as Eagle Eyes (sunglasses) and Zap (household cleaner), turning these previously non-profitable productions into projects that have gone on to net millions of dollars:

Eagle Eyes – An existing long-form infomercial that tested at a 1.3 MER (Media Efficiency Ratio), after Goldmine Productions reworked the infomercial it tested at a 3.6 MER, allowing for a national TV roll-out and international distribution.

Zap – A two minute spot that had failed in two media test under two separate producers  was then brought to Goldmine Productions, which re-edited the two minute spot and changed the TV offer.  The MER went from 1.1 to 2.5, allowing for national TV roll-out and retail distribution.

Goldmine Productions projects have generated over $150,000,000 in Sales in the US and over $280,000,000 in sales worldwide to date. Any production company can make a “slick looking” production that does not generate profit, but Goldmine Productions has a “thorough” understanding of what it takes to make viewers actually order, while at the same time  creating long-term brand awareness.

Bruce Gold (President of Goldmine Productions) has a 100% success rate (profitable) with original Direct Response TV productions while the industry averages about a 10% success rate.

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